Solar Installations

United Solar Consultants’ handles all aspects of project execution including site evaluation, site engineering, procurement, and construction. With a multiphase approach to construction and design, our solar power systems guarantee quality results and lifelong customer satisfaction
In addition, we work to ensure minimal site disruptions with little impact on normal building or surrounding community activities. We efficiently manage project scope, schedule and resources to ensure all work is completed within the proposed time-frame and budget while exceeding industry standards for quality and safety.

Phase 1: Site Evaluation and Approval

United Solar Consultant’s technicians analyze sites, perform geotechnical, environmental analysis etc., and verify electric loads. The analysis includes ensuring suitability for solar modules, interconnection with electrical Grid, electrical service construction and distribution equipment.

Phase 2: Pre-Construction Planning

United Solar Consultant’s engineers draft construction plans, complete project installation timeline, design. We handle all equipment orders, logistics, work closely with project financing managers. We also secure all necessary permits and work with your local utility on interconnection.
United Solar Consultant’s design team employs engineering best practices to ensure its solar generating systems meet or exceed structural and electrical requirements, as well as the specific requirements of IEEE, UL and NEC.

Phase 3: Construction

United Solar Consultant’s sub contractors prepare the job site and install the solar array, power conditioning equipment, wiring, data acquisition system, and communications equipment. The USC Solar project management team works closely with all subcontractors it insure the adherence to engineering guidelines include quality and design standards that ensure peak lifetime system performance and do not compromise building appearance. United Solar Consultant’s performs a complete system inspection and performance evaluation. All relevant parties also inspect the system for a 360 degree certification process, including building owners, facility staff, local building authorities and the local utility. United Solar Consultant’s customer assurance guarantees provide peace of mind at all stages of project execution.